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Mattresses for all types of boats

Boat Mattresses

At Edwardian Bedding we can make any specification of mattress to suit you and the shape of your Yacht or Boat, whether it be conventional sprung, pocket sprung or latex. Your hand crafted mattress can be in a choice of damask fabric or waterproof fabric and if required upholstered in a separate cover.

All we require from you is the specification of mattress required, firmness rating, fabric type and size plus a template if to fit the shape of the hull eg. as photo).

Custom made


Do you recognize the problem ?
Damp, wet mattresses: mouldy bed-sheets, all caused by too much condensation and
perspiration. Keeping your mattresses dry is a constant problem in boats and caravans,
where ventilation is poor and relative humidity high.

HUMIDITY CAUSES PROBLEMS. On average, a person loses half a litre of perspiration per night. Normally in a domestic bed, this is absorbed by the mattress and eventually ventilated away through vent holes present in boxspring, spiral or lath bottom beds. This kind of luxury is not available in boats, caravans or campers, where bunk cushions or mattresses lie directly on benches. Wood, steel and plastics are practically impenetrable, so all moisture just accumulates under or in the mattresses itself. To keep your mattress well ventilated we custom make using top quality AKWAMAT see next page.

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